Remodel Your Life Featured Podcast Interview

What an exciting week it's been so far! Just days ago, a podcast interview I participated in with Remodel Your Life went LIVE! Camile Finan is an amazing woman working to catapult the careers of women in business. Her podcast reaches women and men alike to encourage them to shoot for the stars. Her interviews cover a range of topics from women in construction to diversity and overcoming struggles. When I was requested to be interviewed, I jumped at the chance. This is an intimate conversation about my journey as an African American interior designer.


I discuss my struggles as a teenage mom and non-traditional college student. I talk about not knowing my career path to finding my passion in design, and having to start from scratch in design school.


The struggles are not without overcoming hurdles. I went from college student to award winning designer and working on incredible projects from residential to commercial and set design. Even winning a logo design competition for Academy-Award winning actress Halle Berry! Tune in to see how I was able to get that opportunity and meet her in person!

Spreading the Word

I love speaking to budding designers about networking and earning their way to their design degree. You don't want to miss my response when Camille asks me about how I'm bringing design to the attention of as many people as possible.

Design Tips

Want some tips on how to create a magazine worthy design for your own space? One of my favorites is the "Odd Makes Even". Accessorizing in odd numbers helps a space feel balanced. Listen in for my explanation and see what my top 3 tips are to help you get started.

Next Steps

Want to know what's next for me in design? I'm always setting goals and doing my best to reach them. Find out what they are when you listen in to this eye-opening interview! Then check Camille's other podcasts to see what great work she is doing for women in business.

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