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A Mentorship Program

Is interior design your dream? Have you always been curious about the ins and outs of this profession, but don't know where to start or what questions should be on top of your list when it comes time for college planning? We've got some answers! Our mentorship program is oriented towards new designers who are looking to get started in an informative environment with helpful resources ranging from how-to courses that will teach various aspects of required knowledge as well as open forums covering important topics such as making connections within industry circles so future clients know exactly whom they're hiring.


Your trusted advisor to design a path for success.

Your Interior Design BrainTrust

id (Interior Design): a distinct profession with specialized knowledge applied to the planning and design of interior environments that promote health, safety, and welfare while supporting and enhancing the human experience.


Brain Trust (/ˈbreɪn ˌtrʌst/): Advisers concerned with planning and strategy.

"I was looking for a mentor that could at the very least give me tips here and there. Veronica Sanders services as a mentor have been anything but ordinary and exceeded all expectations I had previously. Her extensive knowledge, insight and commitment stands equal to her ability to talk, as our conversations were always led with ease and familiarity despite the online format. Constructive, intuitive, considerate; Veronica Sanders resume speaks for itself and her character speaks louder." 
​-Gerardo A.


Without a solid foundation, the building cannot stand. It's important to have systems and processes in place that set you up for success and allows your business to run like clockwork. From business start-up to onboarding clients and daily operations. Learn how to create work-life balance by crafting the team and business you want.


Learn how to became an award-winning interior designer, making your mark in the industry as a design professional.  From scholarships and competitions to business grants, low cost marketing ideas, branding and visibility, networking and collaborations, regaining your confidence, and telling your story with authenticity.


A successful business creates the lifestyle you desire. Plan for longevity by discovering ways to set design fees, calculate profit margins, run a debt-free business, share (not sell) your services, bring value to your clients, and prepare for retirement through investments for a happy, prosperous lifestyle.


Finding mentors that were relatable and could map out a plan for success as a student and entering the workforce was difficult. The same could be said as I was venturing on my path in entrepreneurship. Finally get the support, motivation, and accountability you need for students, design startups and those starting fresh.



"Each one teach one" is a proverb I live by and it starts with sharing our experiences. If we are going for the win then let's do this! Join our collaborative forum today so that together we can succeed at becoming better than before- when there are others who care about your well being it makes all of difference.




We offer a variety of resources that will help you grow your business, including:


  • Video trainings with content that's easy to follow and you can relate to

  • Downloadable resources

  • A private community of entrepreneurs offering support from those others just like you

  • Guidance based on personal experience (the wins and losses)

  • Information on systems and processes to help you stay organized

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1:1 Mentorship Sessions


Our One-on-One hourly mentorship sessions are the perfect way to get specific help for your individual needs. My past apprentices have found this type of session very helpful in addressing burning questions and frustrations that they didn't know how else to tackle on their own. We'll talk about anything--from career strategies to business, all while focusing solely upon what you need at present time!



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I reached out to Veronica looking for a mentor or someone to speak with my daughter who is in high school and is interested in going to college for Architectural Design. Veronica was professional and very open to speaking with my daughter. After their conversation, my daughter absolutely adored Veronica and spoke highly of their conversation! She cannot wait to speak with Veronica again as she was extremely open, personable, and super informative! Veronica, thank you for being so amazing and providing such a great experience for my daughter!!
-Aimee R
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