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13 Trending Interior Design Styles You’ll See in 2022

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

With so many interior design styles, and plenty of sub-categories within those styles, narrowing down one that best suits your space can be difficult. And as design trends come and go, it can be tricky to keep up with what’s in and what’s on its way out. Whether you’ve just moved into a newly remodeled craftsman-style house and you’re in search of the perfect interior design style for you, or you’re just ready for a fresh, clean look to kick off the year, we’ve got you covered. We reached out to top interior designers across the country - from San Francisco, CA to New York City, NY, all the way to London - to find out what interior design styles will be most popular in 2022.

13 trending interior design styles

1. Soft organic modern for an effortlessly luxurious interior design

We’re seeing a soft organic modern style sweep across our designs and found that the effortlessly luxurious feel is what our clients are naturally gravitating towards. To achieve this look, we mix natural woven woods and materials, airy yet structured window coverings, geometric patterned rugs, pops of mohair and leather, and soft earth tones throughout the space. Ultimately, we want our client’s home to be an eclectically subtle mix of different materials yet as livable as it’s luxurious. One of the best parts of living in Northern California is the surrounding natural beauty. We want our homes to never distract from but connect to it. - Sullivan Design Studio

2. Scandinavian interior design style

Scandinavian design has been leading the popularity contest, with boho-chic macrame coming in as a close second. The central core behind most Scandinavian designs is simplicity, both with the neutral tones and the furniture that fills your home. To achieve this interior design style, look to earthy browns, muted greens, and pinks for color. For furniture, clean, rich woods like birchwood and white oak are ideal. Going forward in 2022, this simplicity will be paired with function, especially for storage. This style aims to clear the clutter and open the mind. - Elle Cole Interiors

chris mayer photography for landsea homes

Credit: Chris Mayer Photography for Landsea Homes

3. Transitional organic modern is another popular interior design style

One of our most popular styles is “transitional organic modern,” which consists of clean lines, minimal large-scale accessories, neutral organic fabrics, simple patterns, warmer wood tones, and easy maintenance. One type of flooring throughout the home is very common with this design style. For example, engineered wood and large-format tile allow buyers to easily accent their space. Taupe or greige is the new neutral and it’s offered in just about everything, from engineered wood flooring to tile that emulates concrete and even honed quartz countertops that mirror concrete. - Landsea Homes

4. Light, bright, and casual interiors for modern living

When it comes to décor, light and bright has been the most requested style in Florida through 2021. We’ve found most homeowners want light-colored rooms with a casual feel. We’d best describe the Florida style in 2021 as breezy, airy, and fresh - think of soft tones and clean lines. Bright walls and natural light are a match made in heaven, and look perfect for a modern home. To achieve this style, we recommend repainting the walls in your living room and dining room a soft white. To provide some breezy contrast, stick to light, soft tones. - Wolfe Rizor Interiors

wolf rizor interiors

5. Modern Scandifornian is an up and coming interior design style to look out for in 2022

Modern Scandifornian is becoming popular, which is the mix of California modern with Scandinavian. The mix of soft hues, textures, reclaimed woods, live edge, stone, and other earthy organic elements for a refined, laid-back style. You can achieve this look by using neutral, earthy tones with layers of texture like leather, linen, jute, light wood tones, focusing on letting in natural light for a bright and airy feel. Bring in graphic patterns, vintage rugs, and accessories but focus on maintaining a minimal and clean aesthetic. - Designs by Priya

6. Modern Farmhouse remains a prominent style heading into 2022

I’ve noticed two dominant design styles: Mountain Modern (known to us here in Colorado as Colorado Contemporary) and Modern Farmhouse. Both styles are warm and inviting, embracing organic elements like stone, wood, wrought iron, and neutral colors. The secret to creating a Modern Farmhouse is to incorporate an energetic mix of old and new and to make sure to maintain a relaxing, peaceful feel. Mountain Modern emphasizes clean lines and minimal interiors. You want an uncluttered home with large, impactful pieces to make a statement to achieve this look. - Designer Premier

The modern farmhouse design style is still very popular in areas throughout Texas. People are transitioning away from traditional dark wood and towards a more neutral, customizable canvas that they can make their own. Rustic features like checkered patterns and sleek lines alongside tailored furniture provide an understated yet sophisticated look. Clients are looking to add a modern flair but still keep with a cozy, liveable environment. - Design with Veronica Sanders

Brian Austin Photography

Credit: Brian Austin Photography

7. Contemporary remains an interior design classic

Houston is definitely turning more and more towards a contemporary style. We can clearly see that from a surge of new sleek and modern homes built around the city and in our projects. Our clients are mostly busy professionals that like practical, minimalist spaces where less is more. One has to be careful when creating these spaces as they can appear sterile and washed out, so I like to include an element of surprise in my designs, such as an antique piece or oddly shaped piece of furniture. This way, we personalize rooms so they feel lived in and inviting. - Attitude Design Interiors

The contemporary style is especially popular for kitchens in the European market. Fenix NTM™ is a popular material for cabinet doors because it allows you to work a lot with your imagination. Homeowners will often choose earth colors for the cabinets and quartz stone, like calacatta, for the countertop. While the earth colors transmit heat to the room, the black color symbolizes elegance. - KitchenWhiz

Credit: NewWall

8. Biophilic design is a top trending interior design style for 2022 and years to come

Biophilic design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment using direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. It not only looks good, but it also feels good. If executed correctly, it can help lower the heart rate, reduce stress, and increase productivity along with many other great benefits. You can easily implement Biophilic design into your existing home by adding plants, natural materials, and lighting. If you’re remodeling or building, install natural wood through your cabinetry, fireplace mantel, stair railing, beams in the master bedroom or living room. You could also implement natural stonework around the fireplace and backsplash, marble or travertine in your tile work, granite countertops, and so on. - Eaglewood Homes

Incorporating earthy neutrals

Go for shades of rust, olive, terracotta, charcoal, and tan. Try layering new pieces with a few vintage or antique finds. Check out places like Etsy or local art and antique dealers for original artwork. All of these add life and a unique richness to your space. - One Fine Nest

Welcome the outdoors, indoors through tropical, nature-themed walls

With the pandemic’s lockdown rules, our clients have become particularly interested in wallpaper designs that promote a feeling of escapism. Wallpaper designs that resemble the natural environment are being asked for regularly these days. Dive deep into a tropical jungle with wallpaper murals. Pair this with deep green furnishings for a stylish, jungle-esque living space. - NewWall

Tropical and nature-themed wall murals are set to reign in 2022. We’ve found that a tropical theme is still one of the most popular patterns used in interior design projects as the color green complements our needs for a connection with nature. This design style aims to bring the outdoors into our home through natural materials, colors, and plants. After being indoors for so long, we’ve come to appreciate the power of nature. - Walls Republic

New wall

9. Eclectic designs will be seen more in 2022

A design aesthetic that has stood out is mixing different styles, textures, old with new pieces of furniture, creating a unique, glamorous, yet comfortable space. When creating an eclectic design, combine furniture that compliments one another. For example, pair a modern, clean line sofa with your tufted “granny chair” to balance the look and create a touch of glamor. Look for furniture with similar hardware finishes and colors where you can easily mix and pair solid textiles with patterns. Introduce bold colors on your walls, like dark blue and green, to help create interest and make your eclectic pieces stand out for an impactful design. - Anastasios Interiors LLC

urban farmhouse

10. Urban Farmhouse is another emerging interior design style

In Cleveland, we love “Urban Farmhouse.” Think of the design style as the city dweller’s answer to fresh air and sunshine. The VNTG Place Urban Farmhouse brightens heritage architecture while maintaining its authentic charm. “Whited out” millwork, trim, and walls are paired with dark century wooden floors. A nod to stylized blackened hardware creates the old-world charm that makes ordinary living extraordinary. - VNTG Place

classic chic design

11. Clean, classic, and timeless designs will never go out of style

Because the Chicago area is home to so many historic buildings — and restorations and renovations are common — a thread of timeless style runs deep here. Year after year, we see clients turning to the classics, such as rich upholstery, vintage art and rugs, subtle but lush wallpapers, and a sprinkling of European antiques, even in new build homes. In the renovation of this 1920s Tudor, we employed a lot of these classic elements, retaining the historic character of the home while adapting it for modern living. We love living and working in an area where what’s timeless and classic is also trendy. - Park & Oak Interior Design

12. A worldly interior design approach

I have been getting many more requests from clients to incorporate global elements into their interior designs, likely because we’ve been unable to travel for the past few years, and people are looking to bring their favorite vacation destinations to their homes. One way to do this is to choose a country that resonates with you. For example, Mexico. I've always associated Mexico with color - and rightly so because it truly is a vibrant country with color bursting everywhere. By adding a few colorful elements such as pillows, wall hangings, or area rugs, you’ll be inspired each time you walk by those pieces. - Interior Design Alchemy

13. Use different decor trends to highlight your home’s interior design

You can never go wrong with a modern design that adds personal touches

Our design style of late mixes modern design with an organic and southwest vibe. We use a neutral color palette for furniture selections adding interest with pops of color in art and accessories to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort. We like to create rooms that say to people, “welcome home.” - Selling by Design - Staging

Textured walls will be a popular design element, no matter the design style

Textured walls have found their way throughout New England homes. Be it shiplap, grasscloth, Venetian Plaster, or a heavy rope. Feature walls can dress the room, while a textured room of four walls that include the ceiling can add depth and warmth. - Carolyn Thayer Interiors

Don’t forget to think beyond the visual design

Engage your other senses with fragrances such as citrus, sandalwood, or eucalyptus. And don't forget touch - add textured textiles with pillows, throws, and linens. - Simple JOY Designs

Originally published on the Redfin blog

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