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3 Tips to Make a Room Feel Larger

Updated: Jul 9

Is your living room feeling cramped? Maybe you downsized from a home to a smaller apartment and you wish you could snap a finger to make it bigger? Here are our interior design hacks to make any room look bigger than it actually is.

3 tips to make a room feel larger

vertical lines

Trick the eye by taking them up

Vertical lines make a space feel taller giving visual height. Likewise, horizontal lines make a room feel wider allowing for visual width. To create a bigger space visually, incorporate virtual wallpaper, picture frame paneling or even wainscoting.

light paint

Light paint or floors

Light paint on walls or light flooring make a space feel more open and appear larger than it is. If you're renovating, you can do this by installing white wash, oak, or white tile flooring. Or brighten the space with white walls or a light colored area rug for a quick fix.

furniture at the right scale

Furniture that's to scale

Oversized furniture can make a room feel cramped and small. ​Likewise, furniture that's too small will make a space feel gigantic. When sourcing furniture, keep in mind at least 3 ft of walking space around the outside edge of furniture groupings. Furniture that fits the dimensions inside this space is more likely to be at a scale that's fitting for the room.

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