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Top 10 Interior Design Tips

Updated: Dec 31

Creating Successful Decors

Top 10 Design Tips: Creating Successful Decors

Interior design and decorating for some is easy. Creativity flows freely, ideas come frequently, and the ability to put in the work is effortless. For some though, the simple act of choosing a paint color for their powder room is a daunting task. If you're looking to make some changes to your home or simply want some tips to make decorating easier, check out these 10 Tips for creating successful decors.

Tip #1: An Extra Measure

If you’re redecorating or looking for furniture for your space, you should never step foot into a furniture store without a tape measure. It may feel weird measuring everything in sight, but it’s an important rule of thumb when designing any space. Before you head to the furniture showroom, measure your space and sketch out a rough floor plan. This way, you’ll know that an 80-inch long sofa is probably not best for a small apartment living room. Take your sketch with you when you measure furniture pieces on-site. You can save time and emotional heartache by not getting attached to a furniture piece that simply won’t fit.​

TIP #2: Opposites Attract

Color Wheel showing complementary colors

Another design tip that is part of #MyDesignTruth is understanding that opposites truly do attract.

When picking a color palette for your space, start with the color wheel. Once you locate your favorite color, view the hue directly opposite it. This is called the complementary color. Although they may not appear to work well, they give just the right amount of contrast to balance each other out. The trick is using one as a primary, and the other as an accent. Then find accessories in different tints (like a pastel version) of the accent color to help it all tie together.

TIP #3: Rule of 3

I’m an “odd” girl. I really like even numbers and odd numbers that appear to be even, like the numbers 11 and 22. In my design training, I’ve learned that odd numbers are your friend in creating an evenly balanced space. When accessorizing, place groupings of 3, 5, or 7 to create a cohesive whole in your design.

Decorative books in a wire basket

TIP #4: Something Old to Something New

Save costs by giving an old furniture piece a face-lift. Let’s say you have an item in your home, such as a dresser, that is the perfect size and shape, yet lacking in the color department. A fresh coat or two of paint can make it look like a brand-new piece. A trip to your local hardware store to find new drawer pulls and the right shade of blue can make all the difference is saving hundreds of dollars on new furniture.

TIP #5: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Decorative floor mirror

If your home feels cramped, create visual windows by adding mirrors. Mirrors help to make a space feel open and are great at hiding imperfections on a wall. Frame it and hang curtains around it to give the illusion of windows. Use them to add symmetry to a room where there’s only one window in the corner. You can even place it near well-lit areas to reflect light and illuminate the space. The possibilities are endless with mirrors, which make it a timeless piece that can be used anywhere.

TIP #6: Illuminate

One way to make a space feel new again is to change out your light fixtures. Exchange your pendant lights for industrial light bulbs, repaint your table lamp shades or replace them with new ones of a different color. These small changes will add a lot of character to your home without spending your entire budget.

TIP #7: Add Art Work

Nothing says conversation piece like an intriguing work of art. Changing the wall art is a great way to make a space feel new again. Whether you purchase new pieces or simply move around existing ones, artwork is a simple and fun change. This is your opportunity to play around with different colors, graphics, and create a new theme in the space. Look for art that speaks to your personality and fits within your color scheme.

Octopus wall art graphic

TIP #8: Try New Fabrics

Create layers upon layers of comfort by trying new fabrics. Pull out the velvet and wool to add a sense of warmth to the space. A wool throw rug is a great addition to a space, because they’re easy to clean, flame resistant and biodegradable. This makes them perfect for cozying up near the fireplace (from a safe distance of course). Cashmere and velvet fabrics are great for throw blankets when you want to take a quick nap on the sofa or cuddle up with when watching movies.

TIP #9: Plant Good Seeds

If you’re looking for an added boost of happiness, sprinkle a few plants throughout your home. Studies have shown that plants are good for our psychological development. Not only do they help clear the air (literally), but they help to release your space of negative vibes by creating a sense of calmness and relaxation. Even wax plants mentally give you the same effect, no worries about forgetting to water them. A bit of greenery will aid in fostering an inviting environment.

Potted plants

TIP #10: Remember the 5th Wall

You can create a more spacious feel by adding a bit of glam to an often forgotten about area of the home, the ceiling. Frame the ceiling by adding a decorative crown molding. Paint it a bright white color to make it pop against a darker while paint for contrast. With the new light fixture as suggested in a previous design tip, your entire space will look brand new. Even adding a glass mosaic tile to the ceiling in your bathroom will add a bit of sparkle. Incorporating these design tips gives a sense of luxury to the space and make it feel more open. Not a fan of tile? You can also paint a mural. Remember, the sky’s the limit. Explore and find out what works for you.

These tips will help you be well on your way to creating a space that you'll love to show off to family and friends. To maximize your budget when revamping your design and when hiring a professional designer, be sure to read this recent blog post on the Hidden Costs of Interior Design. Comment below on with some of your favorite design tips.

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