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Distinguished Emerging Alumni

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Veronica receives an award

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I'm super excited and grateful that I am receiving the Distinguished Emerging Alumni Award from @dallascollegetx during tonight's Distinguished Alumni Awards and Mixer! I am being honored for my accomplishments and contributions to Interior Design, Community Service, and Education. The event starts at 6p and guess what?! Family and friends are invited! I shared the link below in case any of you wanted to log in to see and hear all about the great work all the honorees are doing in their respective fields, education, and in the community.

This is another huge milestone for me as I enjoy giving back to the community and being active in the business of design. Volunteerism holds a special place in my heart. I have been volunteering ever since I was a student for organizations such as Habit for Humanity and Dwell with Dignity. I also speak at career days at my alma mater, Skyline High School, to the Interior Design Cluster on campus. I wish I had known about interior design when I was in high school. The students get am amazing first look and skills to catapult their careers. Such a great opportunity! Having the chance to speak to students (also a passion of mine) has been so rewarding. And of course, I am active with the American Society of Interior Designer (ASID). I've had many leadership roles within the organization: El Centro Student Chapter President, ASID TX Dallas Design Community Student Liaison, ASID TX Magazine Chair, ASID TX Student Symposium Committee Member and now the ASID TX Diversity Task Force Panel, where our efforts are to increase diversity in the field of interior design and within the organization.

To be recognized for these efforts fills me up! Click the link in my bio to see myself as well as other honorees from tonight's upcoming event!

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