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Houzz Feature: Delightful Dining Rooms

See how designers mix bold patterns and palettes with inviting furniture to create stylish spaces worthy of conversation.

I am thrilled to share that I recently had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Houzz as one of their featured designers. During our conversation, we delved into the design of our recently revealed Oxbow Home Dining Room.

If you're eager to gain valuable insights on how we conquered the challenges of designing this dynamic dining room, then this article is an absolute must-read! Join us as we unravel the special features of this space and uncover designer tips that have this dining featured as Top 2 on these 8 Delightful Dining Rooms then read the full article on Houzz.

Handsome Heritage

Designer: Veronica Sanders

Location: Dallas

Size: 144 square feet (13 square meters)

Homeowner’s request. “A burn victim with a small child, an autistic son and a teenage daughter, the client wanted a home that is safe, functional and a representation of his heritage,” designer Veronica Sanders says. “The client’s request for the dining room was clear: a contemporary, Afrocentric aesthetic that would provide comfort and style for family gatherings during the holidays.

“As the designer, my primary focus was to ensure that the space was not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and functional. This involved incorporating proper spacing for walkability, ample storage for family dinners and a traffic-free zone to accommodate the client’s wheelchair if necessary. What we also needed to design around was the existing carpet and architectural features like the placement of the window, lighting, openings, wainscoting and carpet, as these features were staying as is.”

Special features. Black acacia curved table and black leather-and-wicker chairs. Mango buffet with carved pictograph front. Indoor-outdoor rug. “To achieve the desired contemporary, Afrocentric style, I incorporated bold patterns and colors that reflected the client’s cultural heritage,” Sanders says. “The use of warm earth tones and natural materials such as wood and stone added a touch of elegance to the space.

“Additionally, I ensured that the furniture was both comfortable and stylish, with ample seating for family and guests. When considering safety, I opted for rounded, smooth edges for most of the furniture selections, evident in the curved edge of the dining table and rounded back of the dining chairs, helping to reduce impact and injury for small children and our client when in a wheelchair. The curved leg of the dining table provides additional knee space when sitting at the end of the table, ensuring that there was enough space for the client to maneuver comfortably.

“The art pieces adorning this home have been carefully curated to showcase the talent of Black and African-originated artists. One such piece, which served as the inspiration for the dining room, is the Wax Series 7 painted canvas by Nigerian visual artist Adekunle Adeleke. The striking background, paired with a bold African female figure, made this piece the perfect choice for the space.”

Designer tip. “In this space, we employed a few design techniques to enhance its aesthetic appeal,” Sanders says. “We utilized odd groupings of metal sculptures to create a unique and eye-catching display. Additionally, we hung the drapery near the ceiling to create the illusion of a taller room. However, my personal favorite was the incorporation of tall plants and foliage. Not only did they fill in empty spaces, but they also added height and a subtle burst of color, resulting in a visually impactful design.”

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