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Veronica Makes History!

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Texas Chapter: First African-American President in 48-Year History

Veronica Sanders, Allied ASID. ASID Texas Chapter President
Photo Credit: Matti Gresham

Dallas, TX. (May 1, 2023) The American Society of Interior Designers Texas Chapter has elected its first black president, Veronica Sanders, Allied ASID. Sanders is also the 44th President and first Allied Professional to be elected president since the organization’s recent changes to the bylaws issued October 1, 2022. History has shown itself in an astonishing way with Sanders' election as President of the organization. Truly momentous for all involved! ASID and the Texas Chapter has made a concerted effort in recent years to improve diversity and representation within the interior design community, and this latest development is a clear indication that they are making progress.

Sanders is an accomplished designer herself with a diverse design background, nationally published, winning many awards within the organization, and as a winner of the Academy Award-Winning Actress Halle Berry, logo Design Competition. Sanders brings unique insights into how design can help create inclusive spaces for everyone. A long-time member of the organization and a vocal advocate for diversity and representation within the design industry, she also served on the board’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee as Past Chair and Member before transitioning into her new role. She also hopes to reach minority design students through her role as an adjunct instructor at Dallas College El Centro Campus in Dallas, TX. Sanders plans on using her position as president during her one-year term to continue working towards educating the general public about how design impacts lives, building on the strong community within the organization, and increasing diversity and representation for all within the interior design profession.

In May 2023, Sanders began her term as President-Elect and in just a few short months has already made tremendous strides in the progression of the organization, creating its first-ever Diversity in Design Small Business Grant. The ASID Texas Chapter Diversity in Design Small Business Grant offers financial support to underrepresented individuals or groups who identify as Minority, LGBTQ+, Disabled, and Aging Population (65+). The grant aims to support ASID National efforts and the members to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the interior design community.

This grant is open to ASID member interior design practitioners with a for-profit business experiencing a financial need or looking to take their business to the next level. The submissions will be evaluated on the level of financial need, supporting documentation, and expected use of the grant. By submitting this application, you certify that all the information provided is accurate and true.

With Sanders at its helm, ASID TX promises to be an even more inclusive organization that represents all designers equally regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or physical abilities. This election marks a significant step forward for diversity in the interior design community. Read below for her President's Message.

President’s Message -

I am honored and humbled to express my gratitude for electing me as your next President. As the 44th, first Allied Member, and first African American President in the 48-year history of the ASID TX Chapter, your commitment to growth and inclusion for our chapter are apparent and appreciated. It is with great pleasure that I accept this position and I look forward to serving you all with utmost dedication and compassion. I am grateful for the warm congratulatory praises and support I have received from industry professionals at all levels. Thank you.

My goal is to continue and improve the values and initiatives of ASID by focusing on informing the general public on Health, Safety, Welfare and why “Finding A Pro” through ASID is worth the investment. Reminding existing and prospective members of the great benefits and resources ASID offers that make it the leading organization that it is. From retirement plans, health & liability insurance, contracts and CEUs. To social events, advocacy, small business solutions and networking that make us a thriving community.

We are seeking enthusiastic and engaged members who are eager to be active participants in the change they wish to see. We invite you to share your accomplishments with us, join us at events, and become involved in your local design communities. Our organization is always on the lookout for members who are committed to the growth of the chapter and its members at both the local and state levels. I look forward to visiting with many of you at upcoming events in your respective cities.

We heard your requests and are answering the charge to serve you better. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force is a valuable resource for ALL members, not just a minority group, providing support and guidance on the many disparities we face as a human race. Our Texas Chapter membership comprises only 9% of minorities, 23% from the LGBTQ+ community, and over 66% who are seasoned in age and disabled. Your survey responses help us to see we need and welcome representatives from ALL these diverse communities to collaborate with us in brainstorming and developing programming that promotes awareness, education, actionable solutions, and fosters the community environment and improvement we all express we desire more of from ASID.

Stay tuned for updates on new resources that will provide improvement in equity for our diverse membership, support for our aging and disabled designers, visibility for our IPs and members, scholarships for students, and mentorship for Emerging Professionals. Expect more programming on aging-in-place, ADA, sustainability, commercial design, small business solutions, social events in all DCs to build comradery, and how our chapter office will aid in supporting you daily as the hard-working professionals you are.

As I step into this new role, I am excited to expound on the legacy of ASID and continue serving as a design colleague and friend to all of you. I am committed to upholding the values and mission of ASID and working towards the betterment of our community. Let’s make this year a great one as I look forward to seeing you in action, being the change you want to see, working to show how design truly impacts lives!

If you're interested in working with an interior designer who loves to give back, is active in mentorship and works to improve the community, then let's connect.


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