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How eDesign Saves You Time and Money

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

5 Reasons Why

Are you looking to revamp your living space but worried about the hefty price tag that comes with hiring an interior designer? Look no further! In this blog post, we will delve into the world of online interior design services and unveil five compelling reasons why they can help you save a significant amount of money.

5 Reasons why Online Interior Design Saves You Time and Money

Online Interior Design (also known as e-Design) is an ever-growing service that provides many benefits for both the client and designer. Although some designers prefer in-person design, here at DVS, I understand that not everyone has the time for in-person meetings. Plus, online design has other advantages – it’s fast, easy, and accessible. Being able to accomplish your design goals with a click of a button while sitting in bed in your pajamas, that’s convenience at its best. If you’re ready to get great design and stay on your budget, keep reading to discover why online interior design can save you time and money.

1. You’ll Save Big on Designer Fees

This is likely where one of your biggest cost savings will come from for online design services. Designer fees typically cover their time, travel, equipment, insurance, employee expenses and much more! With e-Design, the fee is a fraction of the cost since it only covers a fraction of the designer’s expenses. Much less than what you would pay for offline design services. Plus, with our various eDesign packages, you have the option to design 1, 2 or 4 rooms for pennies on the dollar.

2. Quick Turn-Around

We’ve heard the saying, “Time is Money”, and waiting 6 months to a year to fix up the spare bedroom may not be ideal. Perhaps you have an Airbnb, family visiting for the holidays, or simply want your new empty nest to become a home office. With full-service design, select pieces may have to be custom made, which could mean longer wait times. With eDesign, we source furnishings from vendors that allow you to click and buy with ease. No custom work required. In about a month’s time, with a design guide and shopping list, you can have your space completely finished.

3. Design at Your Pace

Whether you are working on one room at a time or simply want to see how to accessorize your space, e-Design is a great way to design at your own pace. Our Design Starter package comes with a shopping list, furniture plan, and even elevations if needed to help you truly plan your purchases. Keep in mind though, that some options may go out of stock if you wait too long. The benefit here is that with a visual key from the shopping list and concept board, you already have selections made and can purchase similar pieces if they do go out of stock. This makes it easy to purchase now, later, or even when it is on sale. Plus, you can purchase items one piece or one room at a time giving you more control of your spending. It’s a win-win!

Mood Board designed by Veronica Sanders

4. Try Before You Buy

3D renderings and concept boards are a key component in eDesign services. It allows you the opportunity to see your new room before you finalize your purchases. This way you can try different pieces in the space and make changes before you buy it. Another plus is, as they're available, we send you samples of materials to see and feel in your own home and lighting before you take the leap and purchase. This gives you the advantage of adding to the visualization of the room in your own home setting prior to making the commitment. There may be instances where fabric or rug samples may not be available, however the products we typically source have either been approved by past clients, or we've had an opportunity to test them in-person at designer markets. We do our research! Rest assured that we're selecting quality pieces that, with proper care, will hold up for years to come. With the help of your designer (such as myself), you may even have the option to schedule showroom visits and try the piece in-person. Eliminating furniture purchase regrets. Win win!

3D rendering designed by Veronica Sanders

​5. Avoid Costly Mistakes

I've heard the horror stories of clients buying a sofa or rug that's either too small for their space or so large it won't fit! Their mistake was either not measuring the space or buying on impulse trying to find a way to narrow down their design style. They were left with the option of returning the item for less the delivery fee, trash it, or even donate it with little to no return on investment. We can help you can avoid these costly mistakes. Due to our expertise in space planning, we take the guess work out of design with our easy to use measurement guide (which comes included in your design package FREE) and make sure everything is at the proper scale. We pinpoint your design style and get your approval before a plan is even set in place. Comprehensive furniture plans with each piece drawn to scale and test fitted in your space ensures you’ll get a perfect fit the first time. We take the guessing game out of your purchase, saving you money.

Design with Veronica Sanders is a people-centered design firm. Our mission is to keep you at our core, while providing quality design you can access at your leisure. We strive to provide stellar service and a smooth process that incorporates thoughtful, professional practices of design in-person and online. Our ultimate goal is help you live authentically you! If you’re looking to save money on quality design creating a space that’s uniquely you, all online, let us help you get started!

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