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ORC Week 2: Entryway Makeover

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Paint Touch-Up

one room challenge week 2 entry makeover paint touch up

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| WEEK 1 |

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! This project is my Scandustrial Chic entry makeover. To get caught up on the who, what, when, where, why and how plus full direction of the makeover, check out what happened last week HERE. You also may not want to miss out on special discounts, tips, and design updates. To make sure you're always in the know, join our monthly newsletter.

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I have the plan, now it's time to work it! I'm beginning with the easiest, yet most effective task to instantly see a change in the design. When I was taking an introduction to painting course in college, my professor once said you complete half the battle if you paint the background of your canvas first. It indicates that you're almost done with the masterpiece and it gives you a boost of motivation to cross the finish line. So this week, we're painting! You've seen me say from last week that I love white walls. It's the essence of the Scandinavian aspect of this design style. I love how it adds a bright and airy feel to the warm wood tones and textures that I love to pair in interiors.

sherwin williams ovation paint and primer

This home came with flat painted walls. The downside to flat paint is it instantly shows imperfections and it's not as durable when it comes to wear and tear. A brush up of the kiddos sticky fingers, or maybe you forgot you had that red marker in your hand; once it's on the walls, there's no way to fix it except for a quick paint touch-up. Typically, I would suggest an eggshell or satin finish as it's easier to maintain (a damp wash cloth usually does the trick). I've got older boys at home, so I'm not concerned with the flat paint. The lack of a shiny lusture really brings out the natural textures of the space. Plus, since this is the entry and it's directly connected to the other major areas in the home, if I paint there, it causes a trickle down affect to where I basically have to paint the whole house! You don't want too many different finishes of paint as it will definitely be noticable, so touch ups it is. Keep scrolling to see recommendations for which finish is best depending on the space it's being used.

sherwin williams extra white custom color

paint finish types

When I first moved into my home, my HOA's builder left us sample containers of the paint finishes. This was a huge plus, because a simple color match at my local hardware store was all it took to get my custom color paint. In case you're wondering what white I used, I didn't specify a particular color in this case. However, the image above shows the exact formula to get the beautiful warm white you see in my home. My go-to paint for this entry will be Sherwin-Williams. Today, I'm just going to take my handy dandy bucket of specialized paint formula from Sherwin-Williams, give my paint brush a dip, and take steady vertical strokes to cover any marks and imperfections.

Meanwhile, my guys are getting to work painting some VERY special all black! If you followed along with me last week, you remember that I was debating between 3 different colors of black paint. I decided to throw in one more color. So I took a few samples and tested them in various light settings.

paint colors in natural light
Testing paint colors in natural light along with how it looks against a metal finish.
paint colors in artificial light
Testing the same paint colors in artificial light

I first looked at the swatches in artificial light and again in natural light to see which black rendered the best to my taste. Since this paint will be used most in an artificial light setting, I'm paying the most attention to that. I wanted to see which black appears to be the purest (at least in my eyes) for the setting I intend to use it in. I decided to go with Tricorn Black in a satin finish! It was the perfect mix of minimal shine.

sherwin williams tricorn black paint chip

Now that I've decided on a black paint, it was time to get to work! I could've painted myself, but I needed to get to a high place and make sure that the right paint was used. Why you ask? Because I'm going to paint the interior frame of my clerestory window to create the signature black window frame in Industrial design. Although this window won't be used, my purpose of painting it is to coordinate the appearance of the black frame along with the door. Yes, my entry door is going black too! My painters have the handy tools needed to get the job done right and I'm uber satisfied with the end result!

lennar homes entryway makeover before

door painted in sherwin williams tricorn black


Looking ahead to next week, I'll be continuing with Part 2 of the paint theme. I'm going to share a bit of DIY, showing you how I'll create my own monochromatic abstract paintings for this entryway. Grab your paint buckets and plaster. This one is going to be fun! You'll also want to follow along with me on my Instagram and Facebook page to see video snippets of how I created these custom pieces. Don't forget to catch up on Week 1 and follow along for updates on the other amazing projects during this week's ORC. Check them out by clicking on the image below. Until next week!

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Can't get enough design? Feel free to snoop around my website and check out completed design projects. Our eDesign and 3D renders are also a huge hit! I specialize in curated spaces to help you live authentically you. If you have a burning design question that you could use some help with, I'm here for you! Our FREE discovery call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and the perfect introduction to providing solutions.


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