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Oxbow Makeover Reveal: Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Take a peek behind the curtain and get a sneak preview of a home makeover in progress. See exclusive photos, hear design tips from interior designer Veronica Sanders, and get ready for one stunning reveal!

Afro-Modern Dining Room
Photo Credit: DVS | Art: Adekunle Adeleke @kunle_paints

As an interior designer, it's tough to keep a lid on the excitement of a project in the works. While we can't quite unveil the entire masterpiece yet, we can tease a little glimpse of what's to come. Consider this your exclusive sneak peek, full of anticipatory thrills and tantalizing hints of what's to come. Keep your eyes peeled, my friends - there's plenty of gorgeousness coming your way!

Step into the dining room and be whisked away by the stunning pictograph buffet table. The warm combination of wood and metal is expertly executed with geometric carvings that create a unique juxtaposition. The wicker back, leather, and wood dining chairs are both functional and stylish, expertly paired with a patterned area rug. Yet, the absolute showstopper is the brilliant artwork by Adekunle Adeleke. His iconic print behind the striking female figure is a staple of his art and adds a unique touch of finesse to this dining space.

Scandinavian rustic glam home feature family-friendly functionality.
Photo Credit: Design with Veronica Sanders

The Oxbow residence is undergoing a complete transformation, and we're thrilled to introduce you to one of the most captivating elements of the project. Get ready to be wowed by the stunning jack and jill sculptures that greet you at the entrance of the upstairs hallway. With tall ceilings and a minimalist vibe, this space begged for a bold touch, and that's exactly what these sculptures bring - creating an unforgettable statement piece that will leave you enamored. Join us on this journey as we unveil more exciting updates from this remarkable whole-home refresh.

Prepare to be amazed as this stunning residence undergoes a complete transformation. From fresh coats of paint and elegant drapery to awe-inspiring built-ins and gorgeous decor, every inch of this home is getting the royal treatment. The mancave is being revamped to perfection while the media room is getting a refreshing update. And that's not all – the home office is also being overhauled to create a workspace that's as functional as it is fashionable. From the kids rooms to the guest rooms and everything in between, you won't want to miss this incredible makeover.

Scandinavian rustic glam home feature family-friendly functionality.
Photo Credit: Design with Veronica Sanders

From drab to fab! This wall was once an eyesore, but we've breathed new life into it with a stunning pop of orange. It adds just the right amount of vibrancy to the primary suite without sacrificing its cozy charm. The unique art and playful patterns we've added have truly transformed the space. Trust us, this photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of the finished product. Stay tuned for the big reveal - we can't wait to show you the full transformation!

Transforming a room doesn't always require a drastic overhaul. When faced with two imposing and empty nooks, we knew we had to get creative. The solution? A sleek and stylish custom built-in. With sleek hardware and framed glass doors we'll be adding, this feature is sure to impress. Plus, we're planning on styling with Afrocentric-inspired decor to complete the look. These nooks are about to become the envy of the room. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference!

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