Rustic Relaxation

A builder-grade home gets a major update with a stunning entryway makeover.

There's no place like home, especially after a long day at work. We all yearn for the feeling of comfort and relaxation once we open the door.

When we bought our first home, it lacked a lived-in feel. I wanted to feel the transition from being at work and getting home when I opened the door, and also be a space where I can proudly welcome guests.

A stunning entryway sets the stage for the atmosphere of the entire home. I created separate focal points to welcome guests into the home with an eye-catching, inviting feel.

This spacious, inviting entryway provides the perfect welcome to shed the bustle of the outside world and relax into comfortable, easy living.

If you aren’t experiencing joy when you walk into your home, then book a Vision Session with us.



P.S. Details make all the difference.

Coming home after a long day deserves a warm, generous greeting as you step back into your comforting paradise. If your home doesn't give you a warm feeling when you open the door, then let's connect.


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