An Expansive Outdoor Oasis

A world of infinite possibilities

The possibilities are endless when you have an spacious outdoor space. You can turn it to a garden, a place for kids to run around, or a place to host guests and hold parties.

When I was a project manager for Mikel Welch, we worked on the beautiful Fontanel mansion for a photoshoot, which exuded a refined, modern, and stunning appeal. However, the outdoor space lacked a relaxing oasis for guests to enjoy nature and stargaze in comfort.

We gave it an updated spin by including modern lounge seating in the grass allowing for idyllic relaxation in the warmth of the Tennessee sun. With a setup like this, you’re bound to create memorable moments all year round!

This welcoming outdoor area now attracts travelers and trailblazers of all walks of life who are looking for a fun, relaxing evening among the stars.

If you want to turn your outdoor space into an oasis for entertaining or relaxing, then book a Vision Session with us.



P.S. A cohesive and tasteful outdoor space in a serene location

Whether it’s a relaxing cocktail hour, evening stargazing, or midday picnic, your outdoor space creates the perfect ambiance for social gatherings at any time of the year. If you have an expansive outdoor space and unsure how to transform it, then let's connect.


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