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Steve Harvey Show: Nursery Install

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The Steve Harvey Show Home Makeover

The excitement has come to a close! The Steve Harvey Show installation with Mikel Welch was thrilling and hectic! I've participated in television productions before (I was an extra for the Dallas County Community College District commercial), but this was a completely different experience. During commercial shootings, you are given very specific instructions on where to be, how to look, what to say....there is re-take, after re-take, after re-take. It requires tedious, and oftentimes, specific movements. ​

​Doing an install for television is the same way, except that it's not always specifically planned. Instead, most of the taping is done on the fly! It was interesting to see how you add in sponsor mini-commercials, needing to say specific promotion lines, handling a design crew, learning camera angles, and all this while worrying about missing furniture, delivery shipments, and mishaps. Wow! I was thoroughly impressed by Mikel and how he handled the pressure.

​When I tell you there was pressure, THERE WAS PRESSURE! It was a bustling day the entire week. Every minute was crunch time. When it was time to go, you went fast! The great thing about installs is that once the craziness dies down, you get to bask in the final product. Seeing the complete product and working with it from start to finish is so rewarding. It's all worth it! I met some great people, got a chance to connect with Mikel's other interns, made new business connections and learned quite a few things about video production! The design and production crews were amazing. I will never forget this experience.

​Now that the project is complete, it's basically a waiting game from here on out. As soon as I find out when the show airs, I'll be SURE to share. You're not going to want to miss it! Until then, it's time to get back to school projects. Be sure to check out the other posts regarding the Steve Harvey Show Install on my blog along with inspirational quotes and design inspiration. #MyDesignTruth

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