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Competition Win & Magazine Feature

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Congratulations to Veronica for winning an award at the Celebrating Design Texas awards and being featured in Dallas Style & Design magazine!

Veronica Sanders accepts award at the ASID TX Celebrate Design Texas event

After a long and successful competition application process, we are excited to announce that our firm has been selected as a winner! As part of the prize, we will be featured in a local Dallas Style & Design Magazine. In addition, we were interviewed by the magazine and we also have a three-page feature! This is an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our work and talent. We want to thank our clients and everyone who helped support us along the way - this would not have been possible without you.

Veronica Sanders featured in Dallas Style & Design Magazine

It's been an exciting few months for our team at Design with Veronica Sanders (aka DVS)! We recently won two awards at Dallas Design Ovation and now we've won another on a statewide level at Celebrating Design Texas. This year had over 200 entries and we edged out the competition taking home 2nd place for one of our most photographed projects to date! See the winning design below.

Urban Chic Dining room makeover reveal by Veronica Sanders

With all the buzz surrounding our firm, we were approached by the magazine to also do a feature story. We were blessed with a 3-page spread and I'm excited to share it with you. Below is the excerpt from the magazine that you can find in the Fall 2022 Issue of Dallas Style and Design Magazine:


Veronica Sanders infuses fun and bespoke personality into her clients’ homes

by DANA W. TODD / photography by HOLGER OBENAUS

VERONICA SANDERS FORMED HER INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY, Design with Veronica Sanders, just two years ago, but her roster of accomplishments and successes in the design field rivals that of anyone in the trade. When she decided to return to school to earn her interior design degree as a married mom, she went all in. With a load of life experience behind her, Sanders immersed herself in everything the industry had to offer, becoming president of the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers and entering every competition she could find.

One of those competitions netted her an interesting prize. After answering a call from actress Halle Berry on social media to redesign a logo, she took the challenge and won the top prize, flying out with her husband to meet the famous actress. While still a student, she earned an internship with a prominent New York interior designer and TV personality Mikel Welch. Later promoted to project manager with Welch’s design firm, Sanders designed

home makeovers for programs such as The Steve Harvey Show and Trading Spaces and for celebrities’ homes and restaurants nationwide. Time spent at a commercial design firm and later a residential design firm had her creating interior spaces for banks, offices, and famous clients, such as a Dallas Cowboys player.

“By working in all realms of the design industry, I have developed a well-rounded perspective to approach projects holistically and think through all their various parts,” Sanders says. “I want to help my clients find joy and peace at home by designing personalized spaces that resonate with who they are.”

In a recent project, Sanders created a comfortable custom design for a homeowner who built a new home on an infill lot in the East Dallas Lake and Garden District, close to favorite hot spots and activities near White Rock Lake. Sanders wove the homeowner’s love of alternative rock into the design of each room by using his collection of band posters as the jumping-off point for the color palette assigned to each room. With its boho, minimalistic yet modern vibe, it is a joyful place for the homeowner, who is surrounded by his favorite posters. “The homeowner didn’t know how to use his posters,” Sanders says. “After all, he wasn’t a teenager and didn’t want them plastered on the walls. But I gave them [a] grown-up style by framing them and using them as the main method of including color in the

home. The posters brought the attitude and funkiness the spaces needed. They make you want to smile and bring joy to the homeowner.”

The furniture’s clean lines combined with a touch of black in each room add the modernity that keeps the bohemian aesthetic in balance, making the space authentic to the homeowner. “I found myself with a beautiful new house and old furniture,” he says. “We discussed my desired look and soon Veronica pitched me three looks for my bedroom, living room, and dining room—two looks based on what I told her I wanted and one look based [on] her feel of what I was looking for and my current style. In all three instances, I chose the look based on her feel. She nailed it. Veronica and her team were very communicative and responsive. She knew when to push on certain things, and I can tell you that she was right every time. When people come to my home, the first thing they say is that it looks like a magazine! As nice as it looks, it is inviting and comfortable, and we use it.”

“This was 100 percent an ideal client for me,” says Sanders. “The funky yet classy style of this homeowner invited me to use the emotionality of color to determine how he experiences his new home. As our company tagline says, I helped him find joy and peace in his bespoke environment, which is authentic to him and showcases his fun personality. I considered his lifestyle and then married his love language with sophistication to give him a

home of which he can be both proud and find comfort. Meaningful experiences don’t only happen in the bustle of city life, a secluded beach or an exotic locale. They can arise right in the comfort of your own home if you have the right design that fits your personality.”

Since Sanders focuses on personalizing each home for what feels luxurious and brings joy to each particular homeowner, she is comfortable designing for a range of personal tastes. Her completed projects have included an urban retreat, a transitional home, an Asian-inspired pad, a modern farmhouse, a globally inspired home design and a primitive modern escape. Although she is well versed in handling the full logistical details of designing a newly constructed home, she also is adept at designing for individually renovated rooms. Since Sanders formed her company on the cusp of the pandemic in 2020, she became proficient in e-design, which allows clients in remote locations to take advantage of her skills.

“Working as an entrepreneur allows me the freedom to set my own rules and implement a wide and creative range of design ideas,” Sanders says. “The pandemic actually helped set me up for success by giving me the necessary time to [hone] in on my proprietary design process and solidify my branding message so clients understand how I can help them. I have successfully worked for many clients throughout my career in the e-design space.”

Sanders’ goal for Design with Veronica Sanders is to be a people-centered firm where holistic design meets sophisticated living. “We care about all the people that use and live in a space, and we want to create something that is meaningful to them,” she says. “We want to enliven their homes by showcasing their passion and lust for life.” *

Dana W. Todd is a professional writer specializing in interior design, real estate, luxury homebuilding, landscape design, architecture and art.

Coming home after a long day deserves a warm, generous greeting as you step back into your comforting paradise. If your home doesn't give you a warm feeling when you open the door, then let's connect.


Disclaimer: The DVS editorial team may highlight a curated selection of product recommendations for your consideration; clicking a link to the retailer that sells the product may earn us a small commission.

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