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Veronica Sanders holding interior design samples

Are you prepared to take your design business to the next level?


These exclusive resources are tailored specifically for aspiring and experienced interior design professionals seeking to establish their business on the right path.

I navigated the challenge of starting my own company in 2020 and experienced firsthand just how hard (and rewarding!) launching a venture during the pandemic can be - but also realized what key essentials are needed if you're going to make sure your start-up will thrive rather than struggle against mounting odds. These resources will help ensure there’s plenty in reserve so cash flow isn't interrupted; create a balance between investing money back into your company & taking out enough salary for yourself; focus on growth!

It's time to reduce the overwhelm and focus on proven tools to set your business up for success, even during economic hardship.

Want to Learn SketchUp?

Daiquiri Lab
Living Room with Corner Sofa
Home decor

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