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Oxbow Home Makeover Reveal

You have been eagerly anticipating this moment, and it has finally arrived. Discover the stunning transformation of the Oxbow Afro-Contemporary Home in this exciting makeover reveal. From bold colors to unique decor, this home is a true reflection of modern African design. Get inspired and see how you can incorporate these elements into your own home.

Afro-Modern Dining Room
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty | Art: Adekunle Adeleke @kunle_paints

Built in 2006, our client recently purchased the 4,595 sq. ft. residence to stay grounded and near family, in a neighborhood he grew up in. Our client is a burn victim with a bold personality who wanted a space to call home for him and his children. Living in the residence is an autistic son and teenage daughter, for whom the client wanted a customized interior for them that is safe, functional, and a representation of his heritage. As such, we designed a functional, family-friendly home with a Contemporary Afro-Centric aesthetic.

The Oxbow Home Makeover has been a labor of love, and we are proud to showcase the final result. Over the course of six months, we have been fully engaged in the transformation of this home, taking it from an empty space to a stunning new look. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From the carefully selected furniture to the thoughtfully placed decor, every detail has been meticulously planned and executed. This residence echoes our staple neutral color palette with a punch of color. We began with the existing architectural features at the request of the client to maintain the soft blue painted walls and cherry wood throughout. Stepping into the newly updated podcast studio, one would be impressed with the transformation it has undergone.

Afrocentric contemporary home office. Black wall. Ethnic decor. Four Hands, Sunpan, Kelly Clarkson Home @kellyclarkson, Build with Ferguson, Unique Loom, All Modern, Wayfair
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

From walls that were originally faux painted in orange and sound-buffing foam cushions to a modern and cozy environment, every detail has been carefully attended to. The walls and doors have received a fresh coat of paint and the broken closet shelves have been faithfully repaired while also replacing track lighting with an up-to-date lighted ceiling fan. To add to the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort, an African-inspired desk and velvet loveseat welcome those recordings. Flanking on both sides of the desk are wooden and metal bookcases complete with a framed art piece, lighted by way of a picture lamp. The round tribal pattern area rug is perfectly offset by the yellow canvas drapery hung up in the room as well as a bar cart suitable for making libations throughout long recording sessions. All these details come together to create a lovely atmosphere perfect for relaxing during podcast recordings.

(Before Photos)

The heart of the design lies in its use of texture—from rugs with tribal patterns to fabrics with geometric shapes—creating a look that is both comfortable and modern. There are also plenty of natural materials like wood, stone, plants, and rattan woven throughout to bring softness, warmth, and depth to the space.

Entering the formal living area, you're immediately captivated by how the design has artfully blended different textures and colors to create a unique, inviting atmosphere. The custom gold velvet tufted sofa with polka dot cream and iron framed living chairs draw your eye to the sturdy hammered brass side table with Afro-inspired floor and table lamps. Meanwhile, the black reclaimed wood coffee table is further accentuated by the patterned area rug juxtaposed with the black and white striped side table and walls adorned with a collection of round brass mirrors.

Four Hands, Mercana round mirrors, Pacific Coast Lighting, Lightology, Lamps Plus, CB2 polka dot chairs, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Urban Outfitters gold velvet sofa, All Modern, Joss and Main,, Wayfair, tribal print bench, pottery barn coffee table
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

In the adjoining area is the formal dining room, featuring wicker-backed rounded dining chairs as well as a pictograph buffet beneath a beautiful afro-inspired art piece flanked by a spotted table lamp and metal sculptures. Scrolling up to the hero image of this blog post, you were greeted with another view of this stunning formal dining room. The wood dining table is framed by merlot velvet drapery and orange pampas grass in wicker floor vases atop an exquisitely textured area rug. This home exudes a style that truly needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Art: Wax Series 7 by Adekunle Adeleke @kunle_paints; Kenya Rift Valley Masai Woman Neclaces by Massimo Ripani @massimo_ripani
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

The warm tones of the breakfast nook are sure to draw anyone in. What you can't see is the back door we replaced to provide better security for the residence. The beautiful merlot velvet drapery provides a welcome contrast with not just the abstract art, but also the interesting textures of the area rug. To complete the look, the black velvet dining chairs create a luxurious atmosphere that truly elevates the space. Further emphasizing this inviting feel is the combination of iron and brass metals featured throughout in the table centerpieces and details on the dining table. Take it one step further by adding plush cream velvet barstools with sleek brass frames to complete this stunning transformation.

Caracole, Hooker, Sunpan, Modway, Comfort Pointe, Paul Michael on 6, Lamps Plus, Wayfair, Amazon,, The Problems of Segregation and Discrimination by Everett Spruill @saatchiart ; Circle of Flowers by Stacey Brown
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

This client prefers a minimal approach, which we accommodated by providing reduced visual clutter with strategically placed wall art and large furnishings to fill the space. This includes the sculptural pieces styled in the custom-built bookcases. This 9ft tall custom feature was then styled in pieces that aligned with the client’s aesthetic.

Due to our client’s hindrances in physical capabilities with his hands, we changed out many of the window blinds to cordless and easy pull-downs as well as replaced tassels for ease of function and reach. The double-height ceilings in this space pose a challenge when it comes to accessing the upper windows. To address this issue, we have installed automated shades for our client. These shades not only filter light to protect our client's delicate skin but also provide a practical solution for controlling the lighting in this newly renovated area.

We replaced all smoke detectors and fixed broken light bulbs throughout the entire residence to ensure even light levels and safety for our client and his children. This space was complete with cleaned carpet, colorful gallery-style art, and colorful décor to marry the design to adjoining spaces. We replaced all smoke detectors and fixed broken light bulbs throughout the entire residence to ensure even light levels and safety for our client and his children. This space was complete with cleaned carpet, colorful gallery-style art, and colorful décor to marry the design to adjoining spaces.

Our client's game room is a warm and inviting space, with amenities that are perfect for both entertainment and relaxation. Once adorned in purple and deep blue walls, we brightened the room and brought the space back to the neutral ground with soft gray, allowing the furniture to speak for itself. The genuine leather pillow top reclining sofa with tribal throw pillows provides just the right touch of comfort. In keeping with the sporting theme, we added a flip-top game table that easily converts between dining, gaming, and cards. Vibrant yellow upholstered chairs with a football field-inspired green area rug paired with the white and blonde wood entertainment console bring the room together perfectly.

Sawyer Twain, CB2, Pottery Barn, Unique Loom, Wayfair,, Joss and Main, Art | A glass of whiskey over ice on a wooden table by Valerie Janssen; An antique bottle of whisky and two glasses by Valerie Janssen
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography
Game Room Before Purple and Gray Walls
Game Room Before

To complete the look, we chose brown mink barstools to add a touch of elegance. Primed for relaxing times, this game room was designed to host friends and create memories through warmth and fun. The walls were painted over in a neutral shade to complement the existing gray and draw attention to our client's collection of beverages on custom shelves and a nearby wine fridge.

Grey Bar, Mancave, Gameroom makeover, Sawyer Twain game table, CB2 mink barstools, Pottery Barn dart board, Unique Loom, Wayfair,, Joss and Main, A glass of whiskey over ice on a wooden table by Valerie Janssen; An antique bottle of whisky and two glasses by Valerie Janssen
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

Our recent media room makeover was a great success! These video clips don't do it justice! Through careful consideration, we worked around dark paint and white trim that already existed in the space to give it a brand-new look. We applied a treatment to the carpet to keep it spotless and reduce any potential stains from spills. To truly set the scene, we installed a 150-inch screen along with nine custom-framed movie posters of some of our client's favorite black films. This was complemented by a popcorn machine and bar table with stools for extra comfort during nighttime viewings. Finally, two luxurious leather theatre seats provided just the right touch – featuring adjustable headrests, reclining seats, and LED lights at their base. Our client now has the ideal home theatre experience!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the movie poster art prints

Our client requested a gallery-style design that would truly make an impact, and so we turned to Jack and Jill. These distinctive sculptures are handcrafted from solid acacia wood and mounted on sleek iron bases. While they create a unique look as a pair, the positioning of the Jack and Jill Wood Sculptures also allows them to stand solo — perfect for integrating into existing decor. With their unique craftsmanship, these pieces will naturally elevate any space, while maintaining its warm homely atmosphere thanks to the natural solid wood material that's used in their construction.

From the moment we stepped into this teenage girl's bedroom, it was clear that a complete refresh was desperately needed. But our team relished the challenge to revitalize the space from its former color palette of pink walls and green door to a neutral color scheme which created an inviting atmosphere.

Pink Gray Girls Room, Preteen, Teenager, Guest room, makeover, Four Hands, Unique Loom, Serta, Lamps Plus, Pottery Barn, Wayfair,, Amazon
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

(Before Photos)

We added visual interest with pops of soft pinks and velvets throughout, providing coziness for hours of rest on the newly upholstered bed. For fashionista storage, we added two dressers and a full-length mirror so she can get ready in style. We also included a storage footstool to put away knick-knacks while lounging in her swivel chair. Add-ons included nightstands flanking the bed with USB and touch-activated bedside lamps. Hung above are woven baskets with an afro-inspired pattern for texture and style. Finally, imagery celebrating black women through art hangs on the wall to remind her that beauty is within.

Crafting a perfect bedroom to foster learning and relaxation can be found when styling this room for an autistic boy in mind. We wanted to make sure that everything coming into the space could reduce environmental stimuli and anxiety. To achieve this, navy blue walls were replaced by a calming neutral white, which brought a light, airy feeling to the room.

Accentrics Home, CB2, Lamps Plus, Wayfair,, Amazon, Been Super Boy I by Chuck Styles, Been Super Boy II by Chuck Styles, Been Super Girl by Chuck Styles, Beyond the Horizon by Carlos Antonio Rancano
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography

(Before Photos)

Powerful images of black children as superheroes adorn the walls, giving visual cues to inspire strength and independence. This room takes a nod to what was before, highlighting beautiful shades of blue and terracotta orange with a plush rug as the centerpiece. There is plenty of storage for books in the built-in bookcase, and below, near the bed, sits a comfortable storage bench for further organizing needs. The new queen bed, complete with two gray shagreen nightstands on each side, add to the calming serenity with soft grays and delicate blue velvet drapes to create an ultimate space for focus and enjoyment. For modern convenience, these nightstands also feature USB table lamps for connecting learning devices. A special touch is added to an already enchanting room that will grow with this young man.

When planning the design for the guest bedrooms, our aim was to make them warm and inviting. To achieve this goal, we carefully chose tones of brown, blue, and gold, soft velvet as a window treatment, and channel-tufted upholstered beds for each room. We thoughtfully mirrored the two bedrooms with subtle differences, like a comfy chaise lounge in one and a swivel chair in the other.

For convenience and style, matching drink tables rest near both seating arrangements. A boucle-tufted bed bench with curved wooden legs ties together these delightful spaces so that no detail is left out. We finished off each room with a modern area rug accented by giclee framed art while providing guests with all the amenities they need including nightstands with USB and outlet capabilities as well as USB lamps complete with wall mirror and dresser.


This space has undergone a total transformation! The outdated yellow faux wall has been replaced by Sherwin-Williams Earthen Jug, providing the walls with a bold orange color. Coordinated with an equally vibrant Adventure Orange feature wall around the fireplace, this room is now full of life and energizing color, yet serene enough to capture a comfortable sleeping area. To complete this look, we installed cordless mini blinds on the windows and framed them with velvet gold drapery to contrast the blues of the tufted velvet blue settee.

Hooker Furniture, Caracole, Four Hands, Nuevo Living, Mercana, Purple Mattress, Pottery Barn, Lamps Plus, Wayfair,, Amazon | Art: Melon Man by Nikki Chu @nikkichuhome
Photo Credit: Aaron Dougherty Photography | Art: Melon Man by Nikki Chu

(Before Photos)

Adding to the seating options is a luxurious wing-back that fits seamlessly in this updated space. To finish off the look, beautiful Afro-centric inspired décor was incorporated through floating shelves and a stunning round beaded mirror.

Our client loves their hospitable nightstands equipped with USB capabilities as well as table lamps to provide overall comfort, convenience and elegance. Everything down to the last accessory has been chosen with meticulous care. The king mattress was selected for luxurious comfort while the bedding provides a sophisticated look to impress. All furniture pieces and decor have been carefully curated to enhance the room's atmosphere. But it doesn't end there; we also designed a custom shoe shelf to provide storage without compromising on style, equipped with pull-out drawers and a refreshed paint job. Finally, discreet cord management ensures that all eyes are drawn upward toward the beautiful details of this charming primary suite.

The Oxbow Home Makeover is a true testament to the power of design and the impact it can have on a space. This oxbow afro-contemporary home makeover reveal was meant to create a sense of balance between modern decor and African heritage in one seamless design. Every piece was carefully chosen to combine comfortability and elegance into one beautiful look—a perfect example of how interior design can bring together different cultures for something truly special. We hope that this project will inspire you to embark on your own home renovation journey. If you're looking to create a unique home that is both functional and inviting, then book a Vision Session with us.



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