ORC Week 6: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Plus custom art reveal

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We're in week 6 and we're nearing the home stretch. With only two weeks left in the challenge, it's time to kick it into high gear. I'm going to push this project forward as much as I can by knocking out one of the most challenging parts of this project to-date, the mirror for the niche. Plus my DIY art frames have arrived and I can't hardly type another sentence with the excitement I have about these paintings! Here's a quick friendly reminder to review the previous week's posts to see how far I've come on this project. From door paint, to lighting upgrades and decor in between, you may want to catch up before tuning in for this post (yes, there will be a quick video)! Click the links above to take you straight to the previous posts, then head back here for this week's update.

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As I've mentioned in previous posts, my hallway niche is not quite my jam, but I simply can't leave it as is. It was this blank space of nothingness except for my crowd favorite book page wreath. I handmade this book page wreath around the year 2011, and it's held up beautifully over the years. It's also a piece that always gets complimented when guests come over. It's a personal touch that I want to keep in the space, so I'm thinking it stays right where it is, centered in the niche.

Wall niches don't tickle my fancy much. It's one of those architectural features I can do without, unless of course you are going to be very intentional of it's purpose. Like to highlight art with lighting or a beautiful vase. In my case, this narrow niche doesn't do much for me. The arched top means I'll have to mimic the shape either with art or a contraption of mirrors. I could put some accessories here, but not much will fit given it's narrow depth (we're talkin' roughly 2 inches). The wide width makes me think I should fill it with "things", but I like to reduce clutter where I can and only beef up decor where it matters most (like the bookshelves, mantle, or console table). So I'm thinking keep it simple and elegant. I want to do a custom mirror as I think that will be my best option for design here this is what I'm using as inspiration.

I did a quick Google search for arched mirrors for inspiration. I was looking for something simple and metal. I came across this one and thought it mostly had the effect I was looking for. I like the thin metal profile (will go perfect with my industrial elements). I however don't want the rivets or the triangular pieces. So I'm going to make my framing more square/rectangular in shape. Again, keeping it simple, but will still make a statement. I took to my computer and whipped up a detail drawing really quick to provide to my vendor. Here's the drawing I gave them.

Drawing is a very important part of our profession as interior designers. It's one of the key skills we have to be able to show design intent. This was the technical piece that helped bring this vision to life. You know how the saying goes, "Write the vision, make it plain." It took a couple of phone calls to get this one right, but once we decided on a course of action, we were good to go! I wanted a metal frame, but the mirror itself at this scale would already be a bit pricey as it is. To save on cost, we chose to do a lead frame instead, which is perfect because the color matches my pendant lights. This type of lead is in minimal quantities and not harmful (what a relief), and because of the flexibility of material, it made it super easy to create the curved edges.

I think this niche mirror came out beautifully don't you?! It'll look even better directly across from my DIY Luxe Canvas Paintings. Which brings me to my next topic for this week's post, my art! I was all kinds of giddy when the showroom called to let me know my canvases were ready to pick up. Didn't take me long to zoom right over and snatch them up. Just in time for this week's reveal. I chose to do a brass frame to compliment the brass sockets of the pendant lights, and of course, to bring more industrial elements into the space without overdoing it. Sprinkling metals in with wall art frames was the perfect mix. Here's how they turned out!

Eeek! I'm so excited to see these get installed. These contrasting pieces will bring so much interest to the space. Art investing is an interest of mine, so I'm intending to add to my small collection. Might even get these appraised and pass these down to the kiddos. The possibilities are endless. On another note, not everyone has heard of the One Room Challenge, so I gladly spoke to the showroom assistant what the One Room Challenge was. Keep watching to see these beauties arrive.