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ORC Week 7: Scandustrial Console Table Install

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Decor & Styling

one week challenge week 7 console table install

one room challenge guest participant logo

We are so close to the finish line! Only one week away from the big reveal. Welcome to week 7 of the One Room Challenge, where I am doing a Scandustrial Chic makeover of my entryway. This week's blog post almost didn't happen because the console table I purchased had been backordered and barely made it here on time! Such is the state of the industry during COVID, but the great news is, it arrived! This week, I'll be installing and styling the final pieces! Yay! First, let me share with you my thoughts and process for getting to this pivotal point in the design. If you haven't caught up with the previous weeks' posts, click the links above.

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One thing I like to do is pre-shop for accessories as part of my design process. I like to test out the scale of pieces and see how they are in the space before I actually purchase them. This helps me see how the selections interact with one another and helps me determine its final setting. So I typically begin with mood boards, or in this instance, a 3D model. 3D models are a key component in my design process, because it helps me see the space in a simulated "real-life" instance. It allows me and my clients the opportunity to walk through the space and say yay or nay to selections before we settle on the design. Here's a little secret, it's one part of my design process that my full-service clients love because it helps them save BIG on their project expenses. No purchasing things we KNOW won't work because we've already test-fitted them in the 3D model. I also offer this as a separate service for my eDesign clients who would love to be able to visualize their space before they make final selections. You can see this in my A La Carte service offerings.

I first took to researching some of my favorite to-the-trade only vendors and came across this beautiful console table. I love the modern shape mixed with the distressed appeal of the reclaimed neutral toned elm wood. It's like the happy medium of the Scandustrial design style. I love it when I can find these gems at our trade only showrooms. As part of our profession, we build great relationships with vendors. This allows us to find unique pieces at great prices that we offer our clients. Many of these pieces, you simply won't find at the big box stores. It's one of the ways we offer curated designs that stray away from the typical copy paste method we see a lot of today. It's one way in how I create spaces that are authentically you! It also means, you won't be able to just pick up this gorgeous piece at your local furniture mart. However, if you love this console table and would like to see it in your space, contact us to order and we can have it sent directly to your home or office!

brady console table
Brady Console Table | Sold to-the-trade only. Contact us to purchase.

Once I found the perfect console table, I began sourcing the accessories to help make this space complete. My first thought was to include either a rounded object to complement the arches in the space or something geometric to further bring home the style of the pendant lighting. Then of course, dress it up with patinaed vases and decor with textured neutral pieces. Due to the time constraints, I shopped retail for these pieces and found most of these pieces at Pottery Barn.

Now that I had an idea of what pieces I wanted to see in this space for the final design, I began to create and place them in my 3D model. To create this model, I first measured every single inch of this space and drew it to scale. I'm talking about the base boards, ceiling height, wall widths, arch depths, windows, doors, and every nook and cranny in-between. I like to make sure I grab as much detail and information as possible to ensure I'm properly planning the space for the final design. It's tedious work, but must be done! The end result is an accurately drawn space that we can now roam freely and revert back to throughout the design process to help us truly see the space in real-time, no matter what phase of the project we are in. This video below shows a bit of my thoughts before I made final purchases.

Sometimes, the final placement of accessories change during the install because I may want to stack them differently or see how it looks paired to another piece once it's in the space. Therefore, the final design may look slightly different from the concept board. Either way, it comes out to be a beautiful medley of decorative pieces welcoming all guests to harmonic sights of a well designed space. In order to get to that point, I have my handy men come out to hang my mirror. Although I could've done this myself, I prefer to use the help of my team for an extra set of eyes, but also to lift things that are sometimes too heavy for me.

My console table came in securely wrapped on a crate. I took my box cutter and got to work unwrapping, pulling, and shifting it out of the box, but wow! What a beautiful piece! I love the color and texture of this piece. Although it's reclaimed wood, it's smooth to the touch, but maintains its character with the original knots from the wood.

I then lined up all the accessories next to the console table to make sure that they didn't get mixed up with any other pieces. I like to do this for all my clients. I separate all the purchased items and place them in the rooms they belong in before we begin to install ANYTHING. This helps me check and double check which items have arrived, which items may have come in damaged and need to be replaced (the struggle of shipping right?!), and to ensure that we maintain an organized, well planned flow during the installation process. It makes this hectic day go by much easier!

lennar homes entryway makeover

I made sure to check for the mirror hardware and for any possible dings during shipping. I was so pleased to see that it arrived damage free and true to the images! This mirror is also to-the-trade only from another one of my favorite vendors Mercana, but is available for purchase through my design studio. Feel free to contact us if you've fallen in love with this mirror just as I have!

mercana octagon mirror

Now that the prep work is done, it's time to get to work installing!

lennar homes entryway makeover installation

The end result is looking astounding! The console table is placed, wall art is hung, mirrors are mounted and they look beautiful paired with the pendant lights, candle holders and entry bench. I'm so happy with how it's coming along.


With the lighting and the main pieces in, this space is near complete! All that's left now is to style the console table and add a few finishing touches, but you won't be able to see that until next week for the reveal! I'll be incorporating the accessories I purchased and adding a few more things to wrap this baby up with a pretty bow. Make sure to check back next week for the gorgeous after shots of this Scandustrial Entryway plus my special Shop the Look to help you recreate this space in your own entry! While you're waiting, make sure to view the other One Room Challenge Guest Participant progress as well as what the Featured Designers have been up to. You can follow their updates by clicking on the image below. Until next week!

one room challenge guest participant logo

Can't get enough design? Feel free to snoop around my website and check out completed design projects. Our eDesign and 3D renders are also a huge hit! I specialize in curated spaces to help you live authentically you. If you have a burning design question that you could use some help with, I'm here for you! Our FREE discovery call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and the perfect introduction to providing solutions.

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