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White Rock Scandinavian Makeover

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Functional Family Living.

Scandinavian rustic glam home feature family-friendly functionality.
Photo Credit: Design with Veronica Sanders

We are so excited to share another home makeover reveal with all of you! Our client wanted a functional, family-friendly home they could enjoy together. We combined their love of Scandinavian style with a few rustic glam touches to create a warm and inviting space that feels like home. Keep reading for all the details on this transformation.

Scandinavian rustic glam home feature family-friendly functionality.
Photo Credit: Coleman Photography

(Before photos above)

We started by painting the living room walls a light, airy gray and incorporating storage around an existing entertainment console with built-in shelving and custom wall paneling. We also brought in a new coffee table with hidden storage and added some cozy throws and a pet and kid-friendly area rug for easy cleanup.

In the dining room, we kept things fairly simple with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls. We also incorporated a live edge dining table for family gatherings in style. For the finishing touch, we accentuated the existing washable area rug by pairing it with Modern, Scandinavian-Inspired leather dining chairs for easy clean-up during family meals.

Scandinavian rustic glam home feature family-friendly functionality.
Photo Credit: Coleman Photography

The homeowners were drawn to the idea of a Scandinavian-rustic glam aesthetic and we wanted to make sure that the finished product would reflect their unique style. We then brought in some greenery to add a pop of color and life to the space. Plants are always a great way to add some personality to a room without making it feel too busy or cluttered.

Pottery Barn Extended Dining Table. Linen Drapes Curtains. Black curtain rods.Modern. Contemporary. Blue Rug. White Dining Room. Rustic Glam.
Photo Credit: Coleman Photography

The final touch was adding some glam accents like this stunning entryway console with these beautiful brass accents. These touches brought an extra level of sophistication and elegance to the space. We love how it turned out!

If you're looking to create a family-friendly home that is both functional and inviting, then book a Vision Session with us.



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