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ORC Week 8: Entry Makeover Reveal

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

one room challenge week 8 entry makeover reveal

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It's finally here! We have reached week 8 of the One Room Challenge and it is time for the BIG REVEAL! If you've been following along with me for the past 8 weeks, then you remember how drab my entryway was. Although the space had good bones with the high ceilings, creamy white walls, and tall archways, it still needed a bit of pizzazz. Although the home is newly built, I'm not one to stick with builder grade selections. So I started with the entry, put the "Design with Veronica Sanders" spin on it with my Scandustrial style, and I am super happy with the end result!

Before I show you the gorgeous after photos, make sure to catch up on the previous week's posts. You can find the quick links to those above. There you will see not only how this space began, but also get snippets of the design process, tips, and even a shopping list of items I purchased for the space that I'm sure you'll want to grab for yourself. Also, if you haven't already, follow the ORC Blog to see the featured designer's posts and those of my other fellow guest participants. This week is going to be a blast!

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Let's take a look back at the before photos. It was obvious for me that this builder grade home needed a designer's facelift. I loved the white walls, but wanted new lighting, something decorative for the narrow niche and a little bit of color.

Since this is a newly built home, I didn't find the need to change anything structurally. So the floors, trim and baseboards, as well as the walls stayed the same. I started with a clean slate obviously as this room was pure skin and bones already. After proper planning, here's where we are today...

Lennar Homes Forney Entry Makeover Reveal by Veronica Sanders

What a major difference! It hardly looks like the same space. Shout out to my photographer Kathy Tran for her amazing photographic skills. We've been working together ever since my college graduation and I am so glad we were able to partner again on this project. You know I'm a lover of all things neutral, so that was going to carry itself through the entire design. What I love about using black/tan as a base for the furnishings is that it allows me to provide versatility. I tried to use enough textures and finishes to keep things exciting. With a simple change here and there, I could go in a totally different direction/color scheme at a moment’s notice (which of course, I love!) If I want to change the theme for the holidays, practically any scheme could work.

Because the room is so long, I wanted to break it up into two separate areas, which of course is practically what it was designed as anyway; a foyer and hallway. The opened arch already visually separates these spaces, so I wanted to drive the idea home by differentiating the layout. I wanted these two rooms to "speak" to each other without them mimicking or being a mirror image of the other. So none of the same pieces were repeated in either spaces except for the use of mirrors, floor vases and similar patterns.

My first design decision in this space was to touch-up the existing paint and then change the color of the door. I knew this would immediately begin to change the feel of the entry and provide a nice focal point. I mean, who could miss this gorgeous black door?! I painted it in Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black after doing a few color studies of about four different color options, and this shade of black ended up being my favorite. To create the similar look of an industrial window, I also painted the trim of the clerestory window.

The show piece for this space is the console table, which almost didn't make it in time! Due to COVID shipping delays, this baby ended up being backordered overseas, but made it just in time for the reveal. This is called the Brady Console and I got it from one of my favorite vendors, Uttermost! Just a heads up though, if you want to get this piece for yourself, you would have to order it through a trusted retailer (ME) as this company sales to the trade only. One of my hidden designer gems of locations I source to curate spaces for my clients. You can't find this piece anywhere else, so it's truly a great find. Another great find was the industrial style pendant lights from The large scale worked phenomenally for this space given the tall ceilings and it really helped to fill it in.

pottery barn chevron runner rug

I like to add soft items or other textiles to soften the foyer, so I brought in this plush Wheatley runner rug from Pottery Barn. I love geometric and masculine patterns like pin-stripe, chevron, and plaid, but I didn't want the pattern to be so bold that it deters from the mood of the space. This chevron patterned rug has a subtle pattern and a beautiful knitted fringe that gives this space a sense of home and comfort. Then I added the tall Faux Bamboo floor vase to fill in some of the empty space on the adjacent wall. I needed something tall with a bit of character. Now I can add greenery, flowers, and even layer extra pillows beside it if needed at a later date.

To get the layered look in the accessories, I sourced from multiple vendors. Some from to-the-trade vendors and others from local retailers. Mixing high and low gives the space a balanced appeal and helps me meet an ideal budget. Here's a walk through of the selections I made. I began with the center of the console, wanting to ensure I created a nice focal point, that of course was the Aramis mirror. I love the octagonal frame and how it adds geometry and interest to the space. I may change it out with something a bit taller later, but loving it as-is for now. In keeping with geometric shapes, I also found this fun abstract Bastian decorative object that is in a similar metal finish of the light fixtures. Both the decorative sculpture and mirror came from a to-the-trade vendor, Mercana. To give it additional height, I stacked it atop some books that align with my color scheme.

I then got some essentials for the console table by purchasing a Terra cotta lamp, Mango decorative beads that I strategically bundled in this Wylam ceramic bowl, and ​Artisan vase from Pottery Barn. I love the patina texture on the lamp and vase for that added sense of rustic vibes. Here's a little secret, there's no plug on this wall. So I did a small trick by adding a battery operated puck light into the lamp to get lighting when I need it! I mirrored the height of the lamp with the tall Metal White Floral Vase and added a bit of dried botanicals. This helped to drive home the Scandinavian side of my decor style. Then to finish the layered decorations of this console table I used my rule of 3 by stacking odd numbers of decor and books. I brought in a bit of ethnic flair with the African-inspired sculptures and rattan wrapped metal vase.

Lennar Homes Forney Entry hallway Makeover Reveal by Veronica Sanders

Now on to the hallway. The very first thing I planned for this space was the custom mirror. I knew I had to get the dimensions right in order to get a proper quote and fit. So I created a construction drawing detailing every inch. I called my local glassmaker and they were able to whip this baby out in a matter of days! I was so pleased with the quick turnaround and the beautiful work. It fit perfectly in this narrow niche and really elevated the look of the space instantly. I then wanted to frame the space and fill in all the empty wall area, but I don't want to overfill the space. So I kept it simple and mounted these Parker Candleholders from Pottery Barn. It was such a smart move to include this instead springing for electrical work. Plus, if I decide to change it up later, just unscrew and these babies come off easy. The iron look went great with the mirror, pendant lights and bench. Lastly, I mounted my handmade bookpage wreath for a personal touch. I may get rid of this baby later, but loving the way it looks here for now.

abstract custom framed art reveal by veronica sanders minted

In case you missed it, check out Week 3 for my DIY Luxe Abstract Art Hack for these custom paintings I made. Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a local retailer, I decided to make my own for a fraction of the cost. Then had these framed by my custom art framer. These came out beautifully! Then I sprung for two smaller pieces in the same style from to finish the art wall.

With the arched niche being so wide, I wanted to find a way to make the space functional, but still fill the vast area. My thought was to place an entry bench here. I can sit here momentarily to put on a pair of slippers or set down my laundry basket for a moment on laundry day. When I came across this bench on Amazon, I had to grab it fast! This entry bench is now out of stock, so I'm happy I grabbed it when I did. I ordered one just in time for this install. I draped this Angeleta cotton throw from Wayfair for a touch of warmth and to have a pattern similar to the area rug. Then one last touch of comfort with the Dutton Pillow, Phebe Pillow, and Suzanne Pillows.

I have no green thumb, but I love to incorporate greenery whenever possible. I stopped by my local Michael's and purchased these greenery stems. Afar they look nearly natural and actually have a bit of a silky hand to it. You almost can't tell their fake until you get a bit close up (you can see in the picture above). After arranging them in these Mango wood vases, it really added a nice touch of nature to the hallway. What's great is these will last long, so I can reuse them in other areas or even switch them out for poinsettias or other flowers to change with the seasons. I love being able to switch up the function of items throughout the year.

Overall, I am SUPER excited that I was able to complete this space by the end of the eight week challenge and love how it came out. Every time I walk into this space I feel like I'm walking into my own private oasis. This is the feeling I work super hard to provide for all my clients. I'd love to hear what you think about this design. Comment below! If you're loving this space as much as I am, I've provided the links below so you can shop the look! Thanks for traveling with me on this eight week journey for the One Room Challenge co-sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. Until next post!



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